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my hearts secrets

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March 5th, 2012

06:35 pm - ribit** hop hop tehe**ribit
Theres a frog thats scaring me!!! O.O Its so loud and i think its jumping against the garage door >.< My cat wants to attack it but toad slime is poisonous.

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March 2nd, 2012

09:41 am

I made it out of clay! ^.^

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November 17th, 2011

08:03 pm - The news makes me wonder
  Today while i was flipping threw chanels a quick preview of the news poped up and it made me wonder. It talked about how the Oregon wheather can make people depressed. The cold temperatures. The dark clouds. The wet and sloppy rain. The unusally small dosses of daylight. It definetly does make me feal sleapy and slightly melancholy. I have a tendancy to be affected by my surroundings, but i think thats just cause i feal alot. Many times it dosnt do me any good. A very intresting and sad fact is that suicide is unusualy high in Washington and Oregon and many believe it is because of the wheather....so i dont know. Maybe it is? Or maybe it is just the mummble jumble stuff that people say. 

  Well in Downtown Portland there has bean protesters swarming around for two months now and there has bean an odd "taste" to the air. When i say tatse i mean a fealling of defiance and an odd sense of festivity. Hundreds of people with a very stuborn idea called "Occupy Portland" and now "N17" filled the downtown parks with tents and now are blocking the large banks and trying to get them to close. Bassicly Occupy Portland is about hating the government and all the debt goin on and N17 is November 17 for the bank stuff. I dont know what i really think about all of this. If someone asked me i would probably say something like: "trashing downtown and all the parks with crap and attracting homeless people just to make your group bigger is not a smart idea but standing for what you believe in like the banks that give stupid charges is what your riot and your whole journey over these months is about. Stop acting like you have a right to completely destroy everything because you think you are wronged. Act like civilized people and then maybe the mayor will give a crap about you. People are getting hurt and this is all costing tax money to give the extra salary for all the over time that the police has to put in. Do they really enjoy being pepper sprayed and smacked with battons?" Anyway just decided to let a little steam out of my brain!

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November 13th, 2011

11:50 am - Writer's Block: Reading corner
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.
well i like fiction for fun to just read sumthin intresting and i tend to read things that make you think even if it is fiction. Things about good and evil,serious stuff. But the non fiction is sumthin i read to keep my mind from rotting. I wish everyone knew how great books are. Its like taking you to a distant place where you dont exist in the same way. I dobt care if i sound nerdy lol. BOOKS ROCK!

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July 7th, 2011

01:24 pm - Widbey Island
When someone thinks of an island they think of palm trees, warm waters, and 80 degree wheather. Exotic animals, flowers and people. I visited an island today and it was not a typical island. Around 70 degrees and blue skys brightened my mood on an island called Widbey Island in Northweast Seattle. Widbey Island is a peculiar, average sized island that has what I would call "intresting" people. A bay called usleless bay houses many difrent sorts of awkward art pieces which showed a sort of island menatlit of which my parents had no appretiation for. We walked for a good few hours on the beach and I collected a few pieces of bleached drfitwood to burn. Did you know that if you burn driftwood that has bean soaking in see water and bleached by the sun its suppose to burn some bright color but I tried and it sadly didnt work one bit i even soaked a piece in gasoline and still it burned as a normal piece of wood. We went into the island using a very long bridge over the water bellow and then a ferry back onto the main land. We ate at a sea food restaurant that i cant remmember what its called and I had a creamy crab buisque which gave me a bad stomach ache. Our server at that restaurant bothered me greatly for he was one of those annoyingly cheary, fast talking, waiters who cant stop fakely smiling. He obviously brought into consideration that there where 3 famillys sitting at the table and that probably meant a big fat tip. Walking on the docks near the restaurnat was another highlight of that day. The colors in the sky burned in a swirl of colors like baby pinks, mango orange, and soft lavenders. Ice cream at 8 O' clock gave me a final sugar rush for the ride home and i enjoyed the fourth of july weakend. Later on there where fireworks for the big day. It was fun considering my parents in the equation. Freedom for america!
Current Mood: amusedamused

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June 25th, 2011

12:31 pm - Writer's Block: Toy box travesties
What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?
I desperately wanted an easy back oven. My mother thought that i would make a mess and i wouldnt be able to play with it anywhere else but the kitchen. I was so inlove with that toy because i wanted to become a cook for my familly. Who knew that a lightbulb and chemical food can hold such intrest in a little girl. I dont really nead to buy it cause now im a big girl but i will definetly get somethin like it for my kids or just make them real food and let them help.

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June 24th, 2011

05:50 am - My tweets


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June 20th, 2011

02:48 pm - stupid radio
I hate it when i really have to pee and then a song that i love pops up on the radio so then i have to hold it for another 3 minutes!!! My sisster has bean werrin her bathingsuit for 3 weaks now because she cant wait to have some summer fun but the sad thing is that oregon is a wet sloppy mess. Besides her pool is dirty as hell and im to lazy to clean it. I want to have a water balloon fight!!!!...I am such and adult lol Well im gunna go to the bathroom!!!

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01:17 pm - peacocks!
There is a peacock that escaped from the neighbors yard and has made our yard its poopin, eating and sleapping place. It makes this wierd noise night and day and my dad wants to shoot it. My mom says "its beautiful! you better not lay a finger on it!!!" Me and my dad took a ride on our porche (the car) and when we where gettin back home there where 2 peacocks just chillin on the road. My dad reved the engine at them and they had a spaz attack and did their wierd noises. HOW ANNOYING. Right now it is right next to the house practically in my ears screamming. Me and my brother discussed what a girl peacock would be called if ya know what i mean. It keaps on spreading out its pritty feathers and makin some sort of wierd dance in circles. The other peacocks that are in the neighbors yard would call to the stupid one thats called our home his home and they would chat back and forth. Also when theres a loud sound they spazz out. My cat likes to stalk the peacock but she knows shes to little for that fat bird. Oh and did ya know that they can fly?!?!?! stupid how people say they cant. Yeah they dont fly fare but they can still fly!! When its gettin late the peacock would fly up into our huge fir or pine or whatever and it would sleap. It would get on the roof and i could hear it walking overhead. It did it one early morning and i had no idea what the sound was so i got up all cranky and got on the porch to see what it is. The stupid bird was falling off the roof!

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June 18th, 2011

03:55 pm - Writer's Block: Time to move on
If you had to relocate to another city, what would you miss most about the place you're leaving behind.
i would miss the thick forests and loevely mountain sides. I would miss the birds that sing so lovely in the morning and the owls that talk in the night. I would even miss the rain because i have an odd habit to run around barfooted in the sopping wet grass as the rain and lighting liven up the night <3

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